Anytype. io
Blockchain OS
Senior Product Designer
Anytype is next-generation software that works like your brain does. It solves everyday problems while respecting your privacy and data rights.
Blockchain visa wallet
Creative Director &
Product Designer
Multipass is a new way to explore the world for travellers.
New economic is here and now.
You don't have to get visas. No one will judge you because of original passport.
Based on blockchain technologies Miltipass collects your data thought your blockchain accounts in one place and gives you the score. The higher your score the more countries you can visit.
Improve your life-being, be mindful, creative, financial stable and world is open.
No paperworks anymore - Multipass captures all for you.

Reality Lab.
Visual concept for RayBan Stories
Fantasy Interactive
Design Lead
Smart glasses that give you a new way to capture photos and video, share your adventures and listen to music or take phone calls — so you can stay present with friends, family and the world around you.

Ray-Ban Stories pairs with the new Facebook View app, so you can share your stories and memories seamlessly with friends and followers. The Facebook View app makes it easy to import, edit and share content captured on the smart glasses to apps on your phone. You can also save content to your phone's camera roll and edit and share from there. And new, exclusive post-capture enhancements built into Facebook View let you create unique content to put a special spin on your posts.
Versus. Learning sports
Fantasy Interactive
Design Lead
2021 / 2022
Versus is interactive online courses platform that deliver behind the scenes access to the secrets of success of world's greatest athletes, coaches and leaders.
Take courses. Ask questions. Build skillsets.
Verizon Smart Display
Fantasy Interactive
Design Lead
2020 / 2021
The My Verizon app is the all-in-one hub of your Verizon experience, allowing you to keep track of account changes, latest offers and much more.
Destination Kohler
Fantasy Interactive
Senior Designer
Destination Kohler is a five-star lodging and spa experiences to world-class golf and outdoor adventures, there's no other place like it in America.
We redesigned main website to support new brand visually and to take level of online services to the next level.
Royal Caribbean.
App for international cruise provider
Fantasy Interactive
Product Designer
Royal Caribbean International is the international brand of premium cruise tours. Mobile app helps Royal Caribbean clients manage tour booking, be comfortable on a liner, control smart suit. For example, it can set in-room temperature, turn off light, close a door directly from your bed, or order
pizza in.
AR app helps children play lego
Senior Product Designer
The app is for 5-12 yo children, who build their own worlds from lego and their parents. Brickfinder will help you quickly find the right parts without being distracted from the game.
A user points their camera at lego details, the application scans and remembers them. Next time a user should just point a camera at a bunch of lego pieces and the app will show them where they are.
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