New international
relations are here.

Multipass is a new way to explore the world for travellers.
You don't have to get visas. No paperworks anymore - Multipass captures all for you.
Based on blockchain technologies Multipass collects your data thought your blockchain accounts in one place and gives you the score. The higher your score the more countries you can visit.
Improve your life-being, be mindful, creative, financial stable and world is opened.

To get visa is tought for a lot of nations. To achieve visa criteria, to prepare docs, to book time slot in embassy.
A lot of asians, russian, african people faced the problem of getting EU & USA visas because of their original citizenship. But here is no place for judgment. We are here to support each other and help to grow. Travelling is freedom. World should be borderless.

Multipass system collects all the data about the owner.
You simply login to the system by your crypto wallet. Automatically other blockchain apps which you use show your life experience and activities.
Life score is a summary of all human life

Mental health
is the main
currency of
a new era.

Life score
on tokens.
How much money you spent on charity?
Are you creative?
Do you meditate?
Do you love animals?
Do you follow green economy?
Are you eco-friendly?
Do you support other people?

Ok! How much money you have on your crypto wallet?
By connecting other blockchain apps you show how you act in this life, how you involved to worldwide community.
Multipass checks your data (for example, the level of physical health) and gives you the score.

By swiping down from the main screen you access the list of counties you can visit.

Use QR code on border to enter
the country.
The Process:
The Process:
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